Photofacials (IPL) and Skin Tightening (ST)

You may have heard about IPL or ReFirme Skin Tightening from a friend who has had it, but it’s often difficult to get a clear understanding of such a procedure until you actually do it for yourself. ReFirme Skin Tightening is a type of  photo facial, but it’s not the only kind out there. Both our IPL and Refirme ST treatments are types of photofacias that utilize light technology.

A Photo Facial for a Photo Finish

In the past, if you were dealing with the visible signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, you were in for a painful chemical peel or expensive dermabrasion therapy. With advancements in technology those inconvenient methods are now taking their place in history to make room for more modern, less intrusive methods of treating aging like photofacial treatments. Photofacials can treat spider vessels, large pores, sun damage, sagging skin and acne. You no longer have to subject yourself to extreme discomfort in order to restore your skin to its natural glory.


Will correct pigmentary issues, acne (permanently) and broken vessels such as with rosacea. It’s a pain-free way to rid your skin of blemishes and wrinkles that make you appear older than you should. That is a big reason why photofacials are so popular.

Refirme Skin Tightening

Will give you advanced skin tightening by toning the deeper structures of the skin and aiding in new collagen and elastin production. You will look lifted immediately following this treatment and results get better over a 6 month period. ReFirme is able to correct specific signs of aging and damage throughout all layers of the skin. This revolutionary technology has been shown to effectively treat the skin sagging that comes along with collagen loss and wrinkles that come from sun damage and natural aging. So if you are needing a pick me up and some skin tightening in certain areas, ReFirme offers a targeted solution.

More About Photofacials

Many women and men opt for this treatment over others because there is no down time at all. You can go for a photofacial treatment at lunchtime and be back to work in an hour. You may even look a bit younger immediately after!

How it Works

The photofacial uses bipolar radio frequency and light energy to penetrate dermal tissues. This process is designed to improve lift, tone, luminosity and texture while it reduces fine lines and wrinkles in the skin. And the best part about it is that the process is completely painless.

Combine both of our photofacial options into one treatment for best results. At Twenty Twenty Salon + Spa this is called our DOUBLE PERFECTION TREATMENT. The treatment begins with IPL for pigmentation, acne, vascular issues and pore refining followed by Refirme for it’s skin tightening benefits. Get the most dramatic results by combining the two types of photofacial treatments into one!