Enhance Your Natural Beauty And Wake Up With Makeup

Permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation, cosmetic tattooing, and intradermal pigmentation, is a revolutionary cosmetic technique, which involves inserting colored natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. During the procedure fine needles are used that make hundreds of tiny perforations per minute. This technique when used with various pigments produces designs that resemble makeup. The most common areas to have permanent makeup are on lips, eyelids (lash line), and eyebrows.

Each procedure takes between 60 to 180 minutes depending on its complexity. You will first be numbed so that you are comfortable through out the treatment and we will expertly measure and map out the area to be treated ensuring you get the shape and style you are wanting with your new permanent makeup. You will have your choice of pigment colors as we offer a wide range and can custom blend to make the perfect shade.

At first after your treatment the color will appear brighter or darker, but over time, it will fade. The area will be swollen for 2-4 days and crust will form before healing just like a normal tattoo.


Types of Permanent Makeup


This procedure is done for those who want to have more defined lips or want to add some color on their lips. As people age, one will lose pigment and dimension around their lips causing unnatural spots. The treatment when performed on lips can compensate for pigmentation loss due to aging. Lip pmu gives the lips a more defined and fuller appearance. We offer lip liner, solid color or an ombré blush effect that creates the illusion of juicier lips. Bring in your favourite lip stick and we can color match!


This beauty procedure enhances the natural shape of the eyes. It is best for those busy people who want to save time or for those who have a hard time applying eyeliner. This also reduces the daily stretching of the skin on your eyelid due to the eyeliner application resulting in fewer fine lines over time. We offer several types of eyeliner including dramatic winged, fading and light powdered lash enhancement.


The powdered effect is an all over color done with a diluted pigment causing it to have a soft and light saturation throughout. If you currently wear powdered makeup to fill in your brows this will most likely be the technique you prefer. We can add nano strokes on top to create a combination or ombré effect as well.


This technique creates hair like strokes, into the upper layers of the skin. Its primary aim is to create the desired fullness and the desired shape of the eyebrows while copying your natural hair growth in color, density and courseness. The biggest compliment we can get with this treatment is when you have gorgeous brows and your friends don’t realize you had anything done.

There are many techniques offered for permanent makeup which includes brows. It is best to sit down with your artist and allow us to show you pictures of the various techniques and what they look like using different colors and on different skin types. We will also take into account your current brows and be able to get you the overall look you are after. Each treatment includes custom color blending and brow mapping. Mapping or measuring of the brows tells us based on your face shape which length, thickness and shape of brow is most becoming for you. That being said there are no hard and fast rules with brow shaping so if you have a preference we can make it work! You will approve color and shape before the treatment begins. Each new treatment also includes a touchup at 4- 6 weeks so if you choose to adjust the color or the shape we can absolutely do that.